Cbeebies comes to ECO

Cbeebies comes to East Coast Organics! Our Martin shows the lovely presenter Storm how we make our salad bags. The programme 'Down on the Farm' is kind of like a 'Landward for six year olds. It's better than Landward in many ways as you don't get the frequent BBC bias in favour of Genetic Manipulation. They also don't have Storm! Will let you Know when it's on the telly and then we wil be able to say 'East Coast Organics as seen on TV'.
This weeks box: Start of the new potatoes, Carrots (possibly some of our new round bunching variety), onions, mushrooms, lettuce, vine tomatoes, basil or parsley or aubergine, salad bag, fennel or broad beans, fresh dug garlic, courgette or pepper.
Fruit: Apples, bananas, pears or strawberries, melon & oranges or plums or apricots.
Big box extras: Red pepper, broad beans, beetroot with tops, eggs etc.