A good new year to you all! We're back after the 2 week break and fighting fit. We have some great produce coming in the boxes (see below).
With our mission of saving the planet, you can now not only get your box delivered by clean electric vans, but you can also opt for a bagless box. Though note: no swaps are allowed so healthy eating and share with friends if need be!
We are now recruiting, so if interested please email admin@eastcoastorganics.co.uk for a job description and an application form.

This weeks standard box £12 (proposed): Potatoes, carrots, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach/chard, beetroot, broccoli, savoy cabbage, garlic.
Fruit £6: Apples, Bananas, clementine, pears & kiwis
Extras in the £24: Leeks, red pepper, cucumber, eggs, extra pots& carrots etc.