Price comparison and we close over Xmas& New Year

WOW, our ECO boxes work out half the price Waitrose if you were to get the same quantity delivered
REMINDER: We close between Xmas and New Year.
JOB AVAILABLE ft(must be able to do the odd day per week delivery driving) email the office for info’
PRICE COMPARISON SURVEY for this weeks £12 organic veg box. Waitrose equivalent online price in brackets: Salad potatoes 1.4kg £1.20 (£1.40), Carrots 0.7kg £0.90 (£1.05), Red and brown onions 0.7kg £0.90 (£1.56), Mushrooms 170g £1.10 (£1.01), Tomatoes 0.34kg £1.20 (£2.16), Lettuce or pakchoi £1.20 £(1.69), Kale 250g £1.40 (£1.95), Leeks 0.5kg £1.20 (2.86), Beetroot 0.7kg £0.90 (£3.00), Sweet potatoes 0.45kg £1.00 (£1.36), Savoy cabbage £1.00 (£1.60) Delivery free (£5 if order under £60, min’ 20 items though). Waitrose price: £24.64
XMAS HOLIDAYS: We close for two weeks to recharge and make plans for the year ahead. From Sunday 23/12/18-Sunday 6/1/19 inclusive. All deliveries are automatically cancelled on these dates and you don’t need to do any cancellations yourselves If you get a fortnightly delivery, your deliveries may not start again until the week beginning Monday the 14th depending on the sequence. Email us if you want to change this or if you require additional boxes to keep you going over the festive period. We will also be at the Edinburgh Farmers Market on the 22nd if you want to pick up orders from there. (News letters will be in the boxes next two weeks)
STUCK FOR XMAS PRESENT IDEAS? Instead of chocolates , booze and cuddly toys, why not set up a subscription for them with PURE healthy veg and fruit for the New Year. Can be one off, one month, one year etc. just email us and we will set them up and can even send them a card!