March News 2019

Now that we have moved up the hill into the new shed, we thought we would see if we could leave the landline behind. So far all seems good and running the computers off mobile broadband is so far, much more reliable than BT Broadband, out here in the sticks.
• We now have our chill plugged in to the new shed and working now too, so the broccoli etc should keep better.
• Bread and cheese prices need to go up a bit. We have been selling these for a long time now below the RRP as we don’t always put our prices up when suppliers put theirs up. The new prices from 1st April for cheese will be £3.50 and the bread £3.10
• We were recently awarded an innovation grant of 50% towards a battery system. The Tesla battery packs have now arrived and they will be charged during the day from our 27kw array of solar panels. The batteries will then trickle charge our electric vans overnight. You can’t get a much greener delivery service than that! We will have to change our slogan of ‘Grown by the stars. Delivered by the wind’ to delivered by the sun, as we never did get that wind turbine. Grown by the stars is a biodynamic reference in case you thought we were just talking about ourselves;-)
• Hoping to get the shop open in a couple of weeks and maybe a mini Open Day at the Boggs in May
• Great to see the kids throughout the world protesting on climate change. I hope it goes from strength to strength and forces governments to change… Now.