Produce origin list below
We try and grow as much as possible ourselves. All Scottish/ECO produce is grown on our farm at present except potatoes which come from Chappel East Lothian.
We never use air freight or produce from Israel or USA

Produce Origin
Aubergine Spa
Avocado Hass loose Per
Beetroot with tops Scottish/ECO
Broccol Scottish/ECO
Carrots new dirty UK
Cauliflower Scottish/ECO
Celery green Scottish/ECO
Chard swiss 220g Scottish/ECO
Chard ruby 220g Scottish/ECO
Chard rainbow 220g Scottish/ECO
Courgette green Spa
Courgette yellow Scottish/ECO
Cucumber short Scottish/ECO
Fennel with tops Scottish/ECO
Garlic Spa
Ginger Per
Kale green 220g Scottish/ECO
Kale red russian 220g Scottish/ECO
Kale red curly 220g Scottish/ECO
Kale Cavolo nero 220g Scottish/ECO
Kohlrabi with top Scottish/ECO
Lettuce Scottish/ECO
Mushroom UK
Onion with tops Scottish/ECO
Onion Hol
Onion red Hol/Egy
Pepper red Spa
Pepper yellow Spa
Pepper green Spa
Potatoes new Scottish/ECO
Runner beans Scottish/ECO
Spinach Perpetual Scottish/ECO
Spring onion Scottish/ECO
Squash Butternut Spa
Squash sunburst Scottish/ECO
Swede with tops Scottish/ECO
Sweet potatoes Spa
Tomato round Spa
Tomato vine Spa
Turmeric Ind
Apple Cripps pink Chi
Banana Dom
grapefruit S.Af
grapes seedless S.Af
Kiwi Ita
Lemon S.Af
Limes Per
Mandarins Za
Melon Galia 5s Spa
Oranges Spa
Pears Carmen Ita
Plum black Spa
Basil ltd Scottish/ECO
Chives Scottish/ECO
Coriander Scottish/ECO
Dill Scottish/ECO
Lavender Scottish/ECO
Lovage Scottish/ECO
parsley Scottish/ECO
Parsley Scottish/ECO
Mint Scottish/ECO
Sage Scottish/ECO
Sorrel Scottish/ECO
Sorrel red Scottish/ECO
Thyme Scottish/ECO