NEWS 23rd August 2020

NEWS Letter 23rd August 2020
Big thank you to everyone that applied for a job. Sorry we didn’t manage to reply to everyone, but we were overwhelmed with dozens of applications. We would love to have been able to take everyone on, but could only manage three for now, all of which had some growing experience.
Demand for organic produce is at an all time high and I am assuming that is why we are struggling to supply tomatoes and mushrooms occasionally. Next week we can’t get any mushrooms at all, but we will have tomatoes again. There should always be 11 veg items in a standard box, so always check this before contacting us if think something is missing. Next week there should be aubergine as a mushroom replacement.
We have juicing/chutney apples again. These are all the seconds from our orchard, of which we normally end up with a tonne. You can order through the website as an add on with your box: £5 for 5kg.
Your delivery: We can’t guarantee rough delivery times. Vans break down and if we have a new stand-in driver the delivery will probably be later. Here’s a reminder of the things you can do to help keep the deliveries running as efficiently as possible and free!
1. Make sure we have a key for your stair door if you live in a flat and not going to have someone in all day. We can’t ring other peoples’ bells to get in as they start to get very annoyed. If we can’t get access, you will need to arrange for your delivery to be collected from the Farmers Market on Castle Terrace on Saturday or from our farm shop.
2. Leave out our branded folding boxes (folded) ready for collection. If leaving outside, put a cover over it, so it can’t get wet. Note: drivers don’t normally have space to take back the non-branded, non-folding boxes, so please just put these out for recycling.
3. If your property is not easy to find, this can make it difficult for a stand-in driver to find. Best to send us the ‘What3Words’ location which we can add to the drivers notes. All the emergency services now use W3W. go to to find the location name. Note that the drivers can’t phone customers.
4. If you live in a main door property/house, make sure the driver has a note of where the box is to be left. The drivers have over 100 deliveries and don’t have time to ring bells and wait to see if someone is home or not. Always leave the empty where you want your new delivery left.
Our new cardboard boxes are working well. We hope to get at least 10 uses out of them, so please look after them. Make sure they are folded the correct way (The bottom pushes downwards and the short edges push in at the middle). See the demo video on our facebook page.
All our produce packaging is compostable. All our semi-clear bags are made from gm free vegetable starch and oil. You can obviously reuse them as much as possible first before composting. Don’t mix with your recycling waste as this spoils plastic recycling streams.
We have just ordered three new electric vans! Bigger, more suitable ones are now available so we aim to have all our deliveries zero emission in January. The vans cost about double the price of diesel vans, but with 0% interest free loans from the Energy Saving Trust, they actually work out cheaper over the 6 year loan period. Not to mention the other obvious benefits of better for the environment, better for health and nicer to drive!
Thanks for supporting, what must be, Scotland’s greenest business!
Team ECO