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Bearford Yarn

Yarn from the East Coast Organics Bearford flocks of organic sheep blended with our own alpaca fibre. Bearford Naturals, yarn blended from our Jacob sheep mixed with alpaca fibre from our rehomed gang of unique alpacas producing a range of colours from white/cream through browns and tans to grey and almost black. Spun into worsted and semi worsted yarns by The Border Mill in Duns. Also yarn from the home bred cross of Shropshire and Wensledale sheep. The wool has the crimp and lustre of the Wensledale but the springiness of the Shropshire. The white wool was blended with the white alpaca fiblre from Poppy, Barnaby and Aodhfin into a 4 ply yarn and the naturally dyed by me using a mordant from the symplocus plant which contains alum naturally. The dyes were made from gathering berries, prunings, leaves and onion far...