Frequently Asked Questions

Environmental policy

All the produce we grow is Certified Organic and Certified Biodynamic. In addition, all the produce we supply is Certified Organic.
None of our imported produce ever involves air freight.
All our box scheme deliveries are within a 25 mile radius of the farm.


Payment FAQ

What is the minimum amount I can pay by card?
The minimum card payment is £10
What happens if I am on the weekly payment scheme and I change my order?
Your balance will be carried forward to the next month, and if you are in credit, the difference will be subtracted from the amount we charge you, and if you are in debit, it will be added.
What is the difference between a Direct Debit scheme and your scheme?
The primary difference is that if you do not have sufficient funds in your account, we will not be able to take payments, and you will not incur bank charges, unless you have a prior agreement with your bank to honour such transactions.
When is my card charged if I get a regular delivery
We endeavour to charge all cards on the Monday for the weeks delivery.
What happens if I am automatically paying weekly and I want to make a temporary cancellation? 
If you cancel before the Monday you won't be charged. If you cancel on Monday or later, you will already have been charged, but any credit will carry over to your next delivery.Remember you need to give us 2 working days notice to cance or change order. You can email a request if urgent